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We are a small English company specialising in the collection and supply of
ancient and modern ... which we personally find in the countries of WEST AFRICA, for collectors, researchers, jewelry-makers and individuals who just want something different.
We hope that in the many pictures of beads and collectibles on the following pages you will find some interesting articles to add to your collection, or which will give you an insight into the World of Beads and the Magic of Africa.
For the specialist collector, we give you the opportunity to buy individual beads ...
so you do not have to buy a complete strand of beads, just to get that special one to enhance your collection. We are
NOT bulk stockists, the beads and other items that you can see are the actual ones that you can buy ... so first come ... first served.
Many of the old beads were made in Europe and India and transported to West Africa initially by Arab traders, overland from North Africa. From around 500 years ago, the European traders in their sailing ships used beads as currency to purchase gold, ivory and palm oil etc. on the triangular trading routes from Europe to West Africa then onto the West Indies, to return with produce from the plantations.
We have, therefore, classified the items as accurately as possible by their Country of Origin to save confusion over the many different names that exist for each type.
Beads have been used as body adornments since before 30,000BC with countless different styles, materials and origins. We have tried to give accurate descriptions ... although in some cases it is difficult to give precise dates and origins.
Most items have been collected by us, at fair prices, directly from the people living in West Africa, many having been handed down through generations of the same family since they were originally brought to Africa by the traders. The remains of many early riverside trading posts can still be seen today throughout West Africa.

People looking at this Website for the first time might like to read and hopefully enjoy to find out more information about the area of West Africa, the lifestyle, the people and read accounts of how some of our beads and jewelry are found.
An interactive company, we welcome your comments, enquiries and requests for items of special interest to you, which we will endeavour to find during our frequent trips
to Africa. Please e-mail us from the
Contact Us page, after reading our
Frequently Asked Questions page, where we have answered questions most often asked.

So enjoy browsing through the following pages ... use the arrows to find more pages
and don't forget to save to "
favourites" or "bookmark" them, to read at your leisure.
Our items have been scanned to give you the best views, whilst trying to give the shortest acceptable download times. Measurements are given in ins ( inches )
cm ( centimetres ) and mm ( millimetres ) 1 inch = approximately 2.5 cm = 25 mm
All prices are marked in UK GBPounds Sterling - See below for accepted currencies.

ATB Exchange Rates
for Accepted Currencies

1 = 1.12

1 = $1.33

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