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Specially selected Ancient Trailed Beads from the Early Islamic Period.
Found in Mali and sometimes referred to as 'Mali Burial Beads', they are widely thought to have been made in Fustat, an ancient capital city of Egypt which became responsible for the present capital, Cairo, being situated where it is today.
Following an Arab invasion in 640 AD and the eventual take-over of Egypt, the Arab commander, Amr ibn al-As, founded Fustat ( which means encampment or urban settlement ) in 641 AD as his new capital city. It became an important commercial centre and excavations on the site have found artefacts from places as far apart as China, India, Vietnam, Iraq, Italy and Spain. Almost completely destroyed by fire in 1168, to prevent its use by Crusaders, little remains of the original site, except the
Mosque of Amr
( founded in 642 AD ) which has been continually rebuilt over the years.
 Many of the beautiful and historic beads below have tapered holes ranging from
1.8 to 4 mm wide and all are in excellent condition, unless shown in their picture.

22 x 9 mm
as 257-01

19 x 9
as 257-10

19 x 9 Green glass
as 257-11

Small Collection of the surrounding beads

Length 5 ins / 13 cm
as 257   60   Sold

20 x 8 very early .. cone
as 257-18

18 x 10 v.early
as 257-26

18 x 8
as 257-33