Medieval Ancient Singles - Seconds
Miscellaneous beads found in Mauritania, Mali and Niger .. dating from the Ancient Roman Period through the Early and Late Islamic Periods .. approx. 900 to 2000 years old.

Usually we will not buy any damaged or worn beads unless present on mixed strands of other good beads that we require. However, because Medieval beads of this vast age are very special and of so much historic interest, we have bought and offer you the beads featured below.
They are pictured with their best sides / faces showing and have been marked with codes to denote why their condition prevents them being offered as 1st class examples of their type.
In reality, most are only only showing slightly more than the normal wear and tear to be associated with 1000+ years of handling and often a harsh existence beneath the desert sands.
 Ideal for glass research and identification, display or lecture purposes and offered at prices considerably less than the beads on the previous pages. As a guide, the lower the price, the more faults in the bead's condition .. although all can still be considered as valuable assets.

12 x 11 - hs 4 mm WP
Cone mas 207-16   8

10 x 12 - hs 2 mm LC
mas 207-24   8

A large bead (originally 25 x 23 mm) found in Timbuktu, Mali.
For Reference Only

Key: SR = Small Repair    LR = Large Repair    M = Missing Eyes    SC = Small Chip 
LC = Large Chip    WP = Worn Pattern  SP = Surface Pitting