New Chevron Production
for Reference only

New Chevron production is quickly spreading across the world .. the two most famous individuals of these manufacturers are Luigi Cattelan in Murano, Italy, whose family has been producing beautiful Chevrons for many years and Art Seymour from the USA, whose intricately layered specimens are a joy to behold.
Many examples from India ( the first nation  outside Italy, to mass-produce Chevrons in quantity and who are gradually upgrading their quality to a higher level ) and lately China, are beginning to flood the market world-wide. A myriad of designs and colours are becoming increasingly available in bead shops and bead fairs across America and Europe and turning up in African markets .. sometimes offered for sale as the genuine antique article by their well-meaning owners, but often strung in long strands for sale as ‘tourist fodder’ and to local craftsmen and women to combine with other beads to make more intricate and pretty necklaces.
There is also growing evidence of a new type of clay reproduction Chevron, which is in the infancy of its production mainly in East Africa. Some  enterprising Africans are experimenting with chemicals and moulding methods to eventually try to enter the market to make their fortunes .. with luck !! Early production was very crude and many months have been spent trying to perfect the layering .. examples below show the progress made from early 2002, to examples found in 2005.
Unfortunately, many years since writing this, no evidence of any increase or advancement in production has been seen .. another get-rich-quick scheme failed !
The beads on these page are shown for your interest only ... to show you some of the newest production beads which have been found and collected on our travels.

Murano -  Italy                                           USA    

10 Layer  33 x 30 mm Luigi Cattelan

Beads by Art Seymour

48 x 23 mm
Made from 6-layer 1920s cane by
Luigi Cattelan. Lampwork decoration by
Mario Cavagnis. Limited edition 2004 / 2005

The amiable Art Seymour with his glasswork and Chevrons at the 2002 Indiana Friendship Rendezvous.
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Clay Chevron-style 2000s production progress ... East Africa

22 x 17 mm

25 x 23 mm

25 x 19 mm

30 x 36 mm

33 x 19 x 16

   Indian Glass

16 x 20 mm

11 x 7 mm

16 x 11 mm

11 x 13 mm

11 x 12 mm

10 x 11 mm

9 x 10 mm

12 x 7 mm

11 x 11 mm

20 x 7 mm

25 x 11 mm

25 x 11 mm

26 x 10 mm

28 x 11 mm

25 x 9 mm

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