Modern Plastic - Fake Kiffa
Visitors to  the town of Kiffa will receive a warm welcome from all the people there .. especially when they find out that you are searching for Kiffa beads.
Nearly all of the people you will meet are honest and genuine citizens, keen to help you.

But beware .. on a few occasions you will come across a broad smile and some over-helpfulness in introducing you to a few charlatans who will happily try to sell you fake plastic Kiffa posing as genuine powder glass ones .. convincingly relating stories of their long departed grandmother's fantastic collection etc. etc.

It makes no difference if the person is a teenage "bumpster", a father figure head of a family or a middle-aged lady .. each can be as dishonest as the other.

Shown below are two such examples of plastic Kiffas .. the strand on the left was easily distinguished from the real thing by its lack of weight, but the one on the right, with its heavy metal decorative beads,  was not so easy to identify, before producing a sharp knife and testing each of the Kiffa-looking beads to find they were not glass. Doubly difficult to spot when sitting in a darkened compound or inside a house, lit only by a  candle .. with the prices asked being somewhat less than those normally asked for, for genuine beads ... just to tempt you into thinking you are getting a bargain and making a hasty and expensive mistake !!

This sort of thing can of course happen anywhere when bead buying .. and Kiffa is certainly not being singled out as being any worse than anywhere else. But interestingly, someone somewhere has begun to produce plastic beads exactly modelled on Kiffa shapes and patterns .. providing the opportunity for those of a less than honest nature to cleverly make up authentic-looking strands and necklaces to fool the unwary stranger !!

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