Modern Kiffa Necklaces

A beautiful collection - showing rare colour combinations of mid 2000's bead production with 12 unique cross-shaped beads ... approx. 15 x 20  mm ... in this 17 ins / 43 cm strand purchased, after much haggling, from the
aged and friendly lady that made them,
in the town of Kiffa - Mauritania.
 Strung with 3 mm modern black glass spheres ...  all in perfect condition.
For reference only

A 20 ins / 50 cm strand showing a good variety of recent and older bead production, interspersed with modern micro-bead spacers.
Made and bought in Kiffa town
Cross- shaped bead 28 x 26 mm
For reference only

A collection of beads found within a strand of Old Kiffa beads. These beads have typical
Kiffa decoration and coloration, but unusually have normal ( not powder ) glass bead cores.
3.5 ins / 9 cm strand length - beads graduating from 5 x 8 to  12 x 10 mm
For reference only

Modern Indonesian Kiffa Reproductions

Picture courtesy of Evelyn Simak
For reference only