Tuareg Leather Purses

These beautifully decorated purses are of the type widely used by the nomadic Tuaregs, essential and secure, as there are no real pockets in their Desert clothing
Made from Leather with Woollen tassels .. their patterning depicts many variations on a triangular theme. Triangles, often seen in Tuareg designs, are considered as good eyes which can oppose the power of an evil eye, fear of which is common to all people of Berber origin. The antique purses below are from Niger via Bamako in Mali.


Total length closed 11 ins / 28 cm
plus 12 ins / 30 cm leather tassels
Width 6 ins / 16 cm  Two Purse
ATB 558 g    45


Total length closed 9 ins / 23 cm
Width 4.5 ins / 13 cm  Two Purse
ATB 558 e   55   Sold

For more Mauritanian leather work


Total length closed 8 ins / 20 cm
Width 4 ins / 10 cm  Two Purse
ATB 558 d    60   Sold

How they operate

Hung around nomad tribesmen's necks, concealed under their Jellabas .. the outer cover slides up on its two strings to reveal,
in the above case, two lift-up leather flaps covering the purses, one on top of the other.


An attractive hand-stitched leather
circular bag from Agadez in Niger
with drawstring closing of its fluted sides
Height 7 ins / 18 cm
Width 4 x 5 ins / 10 x 13 cm
ATB 558-01   35