Specialist Strands

We are very lucky to be able offer these strands which contain some lovely collections and a range of the different and more unusual bead types to be found in West Africa. As can be seen, they show the excellent quality of trade beads that can still be found with diligent and careful searching amongst the bead markets of the villages and towns. Click the pictures to see the beads

1900s Blue
Ovals & Barrels

Antique Bohemian Reds

Antique Bohemian Blues

Shades of European Glass

1800s Fulani
Holari beads

Natural Shells
found in Mali

Baoule Brass
Cote d’Ivoire

Colonial Era Bottle Stoppers

Bone Bicones

Spheres & Barrels

Nigerian Brass and Glass

Glass and Turquoise Ovals

Clear Glass
Ovals and Cubes

Clam Shell Barrels

Coral Chips
from Ghana

Baoule Brass

Nigerian Coin Necklace

'Turquoise' "Talons"

Antique Czech Bicones

Antique Large
Glass Spheres


 Satin Finish
Glass Spheres

Ancient German Cylinders

Inlaid Silver
on Ebony

Early Venetian
King Beads

Early Venetian

Serpentine Ovals and Discs

1800's Venetian